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The underlying goal of my research is to use machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, towards human-centric computing, pervasive computing, and human-computer interaction in order to analyze and understand, and interact with humans continuously in their natural environments. Naturally, this concept requires sensing and computing technologies to be integrated into our daily lives, which is possible today through internet of things (IoT), wearable technologies, and other technological breakthroughs. This notion gives rise to the paradigm of Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Interaction, which is what my research team and I work on in my laboratory.

I direct the Ambient Intelligence and Interaction (Amii) Lab in Queen's University. In Amii, we design, develop, and utilize wearable and IoT devices, design and implement machine learning, pattern recognition, and data-driven methods, use advanced cloud-computing frameworks, and perform usability analysis to move towards a pervasively intelligent environment and achieve ubiquity in interaction.